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...promoting culture is our core value

    Our Goal

    Culture as the mother of custom and tradition are the identity of any group of people, community, clan or company. This identity is gradually fading out within some circle, generation and children all in the name of religion, vernacular, barbarism and misinterpretation. While most emulate, adapt, adopt and react to the borrowed culture as the best and undiluted. The beauty of our cultural heritage is now seen as fetish instead of developing and promoting it. In other to save this great heritage of our nation, Ayanjo has created a platform to diversify, develop and promote this cultural heritage through dance, folk music, chants, proverbs, drums, craft, food, costumes and all via our dexterous artistic prowess. We edutain our audience and clients.

    Ayanjo offers performances in both conventional and non- conventional spaces accommodating a deeply varied audience. The troupe is deeply committed to creating work that generates conversation and interaction between our professional dancers and the audience, bringing classes in dance appreciation and history to all Nigerians, offering classes that engage the novice dancer and challenge the professional. All of our work includes discussion of the artist’s inspiration and process, and provides the audience with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the artists after the performance. Ayanjo helps her audience and students re-establish a deep connection with their own body, forge awareness of the incredible nuance and expression available through movement, and revitalize their experience with the art of dance.




    To produce meaningful, culture inspiring and quality pieces of work with the collaboration of like-minded community partners.

    To be the encyclopedia of Nigerian Indigenous dance troupe that preserve all works of art. 



    - Entertain your audience and spectators.

    - Educate you on Nigeria's rich cultural heritage.

    - Add value to your festivals and concerts.

    - Happy to keep your staff's fit and health with our wellness program



    Ayanjo as an innovative professional creative art platform with focus on empowering the youths by using dance, theatre and folksong as a powerful tool to curb immorality and promoting the Nigerian culture to the rest of the world.



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    Ayanjo DanxeFit


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    Dance Fitness  classes

    Dance residence


    Traditional attire show (costumes)


    Drums (workshops and presentation)

    Art Festival/Carnivals 

    Nigerian Indigenous Dance, Dundun/Bata Dance and Drum ensemble performed to unveil the Mercedes Benz New trucks 2018... Yoruba life, social and economic development life.

    Ikon Eto (wooden xylophone)

    These are the four-note Xylophones used for communication in Ibibio Land. The four notes in the instrument enable the player to talk to the community, imitating the rise and fall of human speech....

    IRIBO DANCE from Abonemma clan of Rivers State, Nigeria.  

    "Ekine" or "Sekiapu" (the people who dance). The "Ekine" do participate in cycle of 30 to 40 masquerades. Each masquerade is associated with one or more spirits of the water. The religious aspect includes habitual ritual invocations, offerings and requests for benefits. 

    Eyo, the White masquerade and the social/spiritual icon of Lagos State-Nigeria. Eyo play most significant role in the social image of the central Lagos which is the centre of excellence... Sit back and Enjoy the iconic display alongside the music and chant of this wonderful art and craft.

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    Ayanjo Dance Company


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